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ASMA503 series stenter

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Overfeeding operation

Overfeeding operating platform for knitted fabrics

Overfeeding operating platform for woven fabrics

2 traction rollers individually driven by frequency controlled AC motors ensure an even fabric tension during the pin-in or clip-in process.
Extended stenter inlet section with steaming device and selvedge glueing device is available as an option.

Operation platform

Overhead control bridge

Split type

Pinning unit with selvedge uncurling device

Synchronous pinning in the left and right stenter chain with rubber roller and pin-in brush. Left and right selvedge tension can be adjusted individually.
Adjustment range of overfeeding: -10% ~ +30%/60%/100%

Finger uncurling (2, 3 or 4 fingers)

Plate uncurling

Air blow uncurling